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The natives of California’s Silicon Walley now in Florida, USA

Wafers and Substrates
Round Wafers of
Fused Quartz, Fused Silica, Glass,
Diameters from 10mm up to 300mm
Thickness from 0.2mm to 1.5mm
Single Crystal Seeded, Seedless, X-cut, Y-cut, Z-cut, AT-cut, ST-cut of varying dimensions and thicknesses.
Not round substrates up to 10mm in thickness.
Specifications and Materials Here are the typical fabrication tolerance specifications we offer:
Diameter: +/- 0.2mm
Thickness: +/- 10µm
Surface top side: Ra. <1nm
Surface back side: Ra. <1nm
TTV: <10 µm
Bow +/- 30 µm
Warp <50 µm
S/D: 60/40 - 40/20
Orientation: Flat / Notch
Edge: Precision ground C shape
Laser Marking: Up to 11 Characters
Exclusion zone: Typ. 2-6mm around the perimeter
We practice a “Copy Exact” policy for repeat orders of the same wafers.
Production and Delivery
Available Post-processing: Ultra-precision dicing and scoring of wafers and substrates. Wafer back side fine ground. Wafer thinning Double rotated single quartz blanks Laser or Photolithographic patterns
Inspection: We use CMM, Digital calipers, and micrometers for dimensional measurements. Tropal FlatMaster - Multi-Surface Profiler / ZYGO laser interferometers for surface quality inspection. Be aware of in regards of automated wafer transport systems. Quartz and glass wafers are transparent and are significantly heavier than Silicon wafers.
Cleaning: Our standard cleaning process removes any polishing residues, organic materials, fingerprints, and loose airborne particles from the surface of the wafers. A final rinse is in hot DI water. The customer is advised to use its final cleaning procedures to prepare the wafers for processing.
Packing for shipping preparation: Wafers are stacked and separated by DuPont-Tyvek sheet in a wafer tray.

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