Optical Elements R Us

Ultra-precision Optical-crystal components and assembly for industries in the fields of Lasers and semiconductors, Display, Projection, Imaging, Metrology instrumentation, Survey Systems, Optical Telecom Networks, Biomedical Solutions.


Optical elements

Prisms, Mirrors, Lenses, Filters, Polarization optics: Polarizer, Rotator, Waveplates, NOL Crystals: BBO, LBO KTP, KDP, LINBO, Laser Crystal Nd: YAG Nd: YVO4, E-O Devices: BBO E-O modulators, optical Crystals: a-BBO, Sapphire, YVO4

Manufacturing Tolerances

Dimension: +/- 0.0003mm,
Angle: +/- 1"
Parallelism: +/- 5"
Flatness: L/15 @ 632.8nm,
Wavefront Distortion: L/20
Surface Quality: 10-5 S/D
Surface Quality: 10-5 S/D
Coating: AR/DAR/WAR, HAR/Dichroic
Beam splitter, Bandpass, Metal etc.

Inspection Metrology

0.5 arc second goniometer, Twyman green interferometer, 40mw He-Ne laser, Zygo GPI-XP interferometer, Phase Retardation inspector, Pico-second Nd: YAG laser, Spectroscopic Ellipsometers, Automatic Lens Tester, Pekin-Elmer Lambda 950 UV/VIS/IR spectrophotometer

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