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Supplying the semiconductor manufacturing industry with quartz wafers for over 25 years


All wafers are double side polished to meet surface quality grades defined as;

Fine polish (F)

Optical grade (O)

Nano grade (N)


If its required to have a different finish for the backside than we will reprocess the backside with a fine diamond tool for a 8-12RMS roughness or just make the surface appear "frosty."



Plase click on the link HERE to view the table to see detailed specs on surface quality grades referenced in the price list. 




The edges of the wafers are formed with a very fine diamond tool. The standard shape of the edge is straight and slightly chamfered, however beveled and other different shape may be specified for special application.

There will be no cracks but under very high magnification very small chipping will be visible. This quality of edge is acceptable for almost all application accept where wafers will be subject at the customer' site to back-grinding-thinning process.


Optional edge finish. To accommodate the thinning process to reduce breakage during high surface tension on the wafers we eliminating the micro chipping by laser polishing (affectively melting) fusing the micro cavities thus increasing the resilience of the wafers edge.




SEMI standard lenght of locating flat; 22mm, 32.5mm, 42.5mm, 47.5mm, 57.5mm and 45 degree by 1mm deep notch or other lenght can be specified to match the equipment specs.