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Supplying the semiconductor manufacturing industry with quartz wafers for over 25 years


Mechanical properties of fused quartz and silica are similar to other glasses. High tensile strenght and high compressive strenght is typical. Note that many properties are temperature dependent and tensile strenght is greatly effected by surface flaws.


Some of the major characteristics are:

Density: 2.203 g/cm3

Hardness: 5.3–6.5 (Mohs scale) , 8.8 GPa

Tensile strenght: 48.3 MPa

Compressive strenght: >1.1 GPa

Bulk modulus: ~37 GPa

Rigidity modulus: 31 GPa

Young's modulus: 71.7 GPa

Poisson's ratio: 0.17

Lame elastic constant: λ=15.872 GPa, μ=31.261 GPa