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Supplying the semiconductor manufacturing industry with quartz wafers for over 25 years



For some high frequency citcuitry application the Dielectric Constand and other electrical properties are important and the list below gives a general level of guidelines. More specific information is available from the manufacturer of the material.




Electrical resistivity: >1018 Ω·m

Dielectric constant: 3.75 at 20 °C 1 MHz

Dielectic loss factor: less than 0.0004 at 20 °C 1 MHz

Index of refraction: at 587.6 nm (nd): 1.4585, change of refraction index with temperature change (0 to 700 °C): 1.28×10−5/°C (between 20 and 30 °C)

Dielectric strenght: 250–400 kV/cm at 20 °C