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QUARTZ: Fused quartz, Synthetic Fused Silica


GLASS: Borofloat33/B270/BK7/K9/Soda Lime/Corning Eagle XG...

SINGLE CRYSTAL: Quartz/Lithium Niobate/Lithium Tantalate

Highest Quality for the Lowest prices. Ask for .edu discounts


Fused Quartz & Fused silica wafers from 25 to 300mm

Supplying the semiconductor manufacturing industry with quartz wafers for over 25 years. In the past decade the role of quartz changed from a supporting role to become an active component in the manufacturing of semiconductor devices.



We are dedicated to support our customers from R&D to full scale production. Our extensive experience with fused quartz allows us to help in the selection of the grade and type of material and the specification of mechanical characteristics and surface quality of quartz wafers.